UHSBUniversity Hospital Birmingham (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham) and the University of Birmingham are constituent organisations (with Birmingham Children’s Hospital) of Birmingham Health Partners. BHP is focused on integrating basic medical and clinical research with clinical practice to best translate new findings into improvements in patient care. The UHB/UoB campus is one of the two largest centres for clinical trials in the UK, hosting three clinical trials units. There is a particular emphasis on early phase clinical trials and stratified medicine and providing an infrastructure to support this work.

The renal unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is one of the largest in Europe and is the most prolific renal service in the UK for the recruitment of patients into clinical trials, with a large department research infrastructure that has been developed over a 10-year period. At any time over 30 clinical trials are active or are in development. These include studies originating from the service (several consultants have extensive experience as principle investigators) and studies where the unit is a collaborating partner. The study portfolio includes phase 2 diabetic nephropathy studies.

Both the renal service and the diabetes service are participants in the recently developed chronic disease resource centre (CDRC). The CDRC is focused on understanding the impact of chronic diseases between organ systems and designing interventions to deliver against these. The services have recruited over 1000 patients to date into renal and diabetes cohorts, following carefully designed standard operating procedures.