IRFMN logoThe IRCCS Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri (IRFMN) is a not-for-profit foundation for research and education in biomedicine. IRFMN has extensive experience in organizing and performing clinical trials in patients with chronic kidney disease and kidney transplant recipients, including those using mesemchymal stromal cells (MSC)-based therapy.

One of the Institute’s current main research areas is regenerative medicine focusing on the study of embryonic or adult stem cells of different origin to identify the cell population with the best regenerative properties useful for cell therapy in experimental models of acute and chronic kidney diseases. The IRFMN group was the first to describe improvement of renal function and renal tubular injury associated with prolongation of animal survival in mice with acute tubular necrosis upon infusion with human MSC of bone marrow and umbilical cord origin, and amniotic fluid stem cells. Moreover, significant results were obtained in the chronic model of adriamycin nephrosis, describing the efficacy of bone marrow-derived MSC on glomerular resident cells of distinct compartments.

The group has an important track record and expertise in performing immuno-monitoring in solid organ transplantation and in immuno-mediated chronic kidney diseases. These approaches have been applied to explore the immunomodulatory properties of bone marrow-derived MSC in experimental models of organ transplantation and in pilot clinical studies in patients undergoing kidney transplant. Finally the group has broad experience in EU projects. It has been involved in a large number of EU research projects such as RESET, STELLAR, STAR-T-REK, KIDSTEM, GENECURE, EUREGENE, STEPS, ARCH, EUROPLAN, and PODONET.