Luke Barry, Queen’s University Belfast attends MSU econometrics training for NEPHSTROM economics modelling

On June 4th 2021, Luke Barry, Queen’s University Belfast attended a weekend course on modern applied tools of econometrics called ÊSTIMATE at Michigan State University (MSU). The course provided empirical practitioners, academic researchers, industry/government researchers/analysts, and graduate students, access to econometrics training usually reserved for students formally enrolled in PhD programs at MSU. Luke comments, “I was lucky to be able to attend this course given it was run online this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. ÊSTIMATE is an intensive weekend workshop taught by world-class econometricians. ÊSTIMATE’s focus is modern econometric tools as used in practice. My work with NEPHSTROM has been the development of a cost-effectiveness model and the preparation of data to fill this model using such econometric tools so receiving training from such world-class teachers has been invaluable.”

NEPHSTROM consortium assembles for plenary meeting

The NEPHSTROM project held an online plenary meeting on Friday, 9 March 2021. Representatives from each of the project partners gathered to discuss the recently granted six-month no-cost extension and to plan for the remainder of the project.

The meeting provided an opportunity to mark the inclusion of the final patient at the Bergamo trial site. Participants are still being enrolled in the trial sites at Galway and Birmingham. The Clinical Research Facility in Galway reports that enrolment for the mid-dose cohort receiving 160 million cells has commenced at Galway University Hospital with 2 people enrolled so far. For specifics of the NEPHSTROM clinical trial, see

The NEPHSTROM partners look forward to bringing the trial and the project to a successful conclusion.

NEPHSTROM study published in Kidney360 journal

Congratulations to LaTonya J. Hickson, Sandra M. Herrmann, Bairbre A. McNicholas and Matthew D. Griffin on their recent paperProgress toward the clinical application of mesenchymal stromal cells and other disease-modulating regenerative therapies. The paper was published online in Kidney360 yesterday, January 27, 2021.

Reference: Kidney360 January 2021, 10.34067/KID.0005692020; DOI:

Drs Martino Introna and Josée Golay publish NEPHSTROM research in Frontiers in Immunology

‘Tolerance to Bone Marrow Transplantation: Do Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Still Have a Future for Acute or Chronic GvHD?’ was published today in Frontiers in Immunology. NEPHSTROM PIs Drs Martino Introna and Josée Golay of the Center of Cellular Therapy “G. Lanzani”, Division of Haematology, Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale Papa Giovanni XXIII announced the publication of this review article on December 11, 2020.

Read the article online at or download the paper here. Congratulations!

NUI Galway’s Prof Matt Griffin presents NEPHSTROM to an array of international audiences

Professor Matthew Griffin of the National University of Ireland in Galway delivered lectures presenting NEPHSTROM research at a range of international venues in recent months. Below, find the titles of his talks, with the date, and audience composition.

  • “Diabetic Kidney Disease: The Promise of Regenerative Therapies”. REMEDI Seminar. Biomedical Sciences, NUI Galway

Date: May 23rd 2019.

Audience type: regenerative medicine researchers and postgraduate students

Number of attendees: 30

  • “Modulating the course of diabetic kidney disease: Are the pieces coming together?” Nephrology Grand Rounds, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA.

Date: October 1st 2019.

Audience type: clinical nephrologists, nephrology trainees, laboratory scientists, translational researchers

Number of attendees: 60

  • “Modulating the Course of Diabetic Kidney Disease: The Role of Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapies” Seminar, Dept. of Immunology, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, China,

Date: October 31st 2019.

Audience type: laboratory researchers, postgraduate students, clinicians

Number of attendees: 50

  • “Understanding and targeting abnormal inflammation in chronic kidney disease”. HBB Seminar, NUI Galway,

Date: February 12th 2020.

Audience type: laboratory researchers, postgraduate students

Number of attendees: 30

  • “Stem cell research and chronic kidney disease in diabetes”. Advances in Diabetes Seminar. Hilton Hotel Kilmainham, Dublin

Date: March 6th 2020.

Audience type: consultant endocrinologists and endocrinology trainees

Number of attendees: 15

NEPHSTROM presented at RenalToolBox ITN Workshop, Galway

Coordinator Prof Tim O’Brien from NUI Galway presented aspects of NEPHSTROM at a recent Marie Curie Innovative Training Network workshop hosted in Galway. Coordinator O’Brien’s talk was entitled, “MSCs as a Therapy for Diabetic Complications.“ The online workshop was held on October 13th and 14th.

RenalToolBox, the ITN hosting the workshop, is taking a coordinated approach to develop novel tools and technologies to assess the safety and efficacy of cell-based regenerative medicine therapies with a focus on kidney disease. See the workshop programme here.

NEPHSTROM Galway trial team adapts to new patient safety needs

Dr. Sarah Cormican, Dr. Veronica McInerney, Prof. Matthew Griffin and Mr. Nathan Devaney

The NEPHSTROM Galway trial team has developed a new trial visit workflow to meet the public health guidelines for COVID-19 protection for patients. They were able to successfully complete the end-of-study visit protocol for one of the NEPHSTROM patients and will complete further trial visits in a similar manner in July.

Prof Matthew Griffin, of NUI Galway and Galway University Hospitals, “To date, one end-of-study trial visit has been safely completed. This was only possible because of the expertise and ingenuity of Dr Veronica McInerney who developed the COVID-19 risk assessment and secured a safe location for us to run the protocol with minimal risk to all involved, and of Nathan Devaney and Sarah Cormican who spent the day along with Veronica working carefully with our patient and samples”.


PARTNER NEWS: LUMC constructs the largest stem cell facility for the Netherlands and beyond

NEPHSTROM partner Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) will begin construction of the largest non-profit stem cell and gene therapy facility in the Netherlands in 2020. This will be one of the largest such facilities in Europe measuring at 4000 square metres. The Leiden facility is called NECSTGEN, the Netherlands Centre for the Clinical advancement of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies. Of particular interest to NEPHSTROM and the diabetes research community, NECSTGEN researchers are working on advancing regenerative medicine breakthroughs, such as insulin-producing cells grown on demand for diabetes patients.

The NECSTGEN is a public-private partnership. Researchers and start-ups will soon be welcomed in Leiden, NL in order to accelerate the application of regenerative medicine therapies. NECSTGEN is in part a collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Commercialisation of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM), who realised a similar facility in Toronto.

Currently, there are limited affordable, non-profit facilities where cell and cell product development for regenerative medical treatments are manufactured at scale.

Congratulations to LUMC and their partners for this great achievement and contribution to the regenerative medicine field!

Read the official press release here.

Regenerative Medicine Network publishes EU-MSC2 meeting report featuring NEPHSTROM

NEPHSTROM results were presented at EU-MSC2,  a bi-annual event, organized by partners Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands. The meeting assembles researchers, clinicians and cell product developers working within EU-sponsored research consortia, that focus on mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) therapy for immune-related disorders and tissue regeneration. EU-MSC2, a much-anticipated event provides excellent opportunities for networking, […]