Excellent Plenary meeting in Galway, 12 April 2017

The NEPHSTROM consortium travelled to Galway for our most recent plenary, on April 12th. Hosted by NUI Galway at the Galway Bay Hotel, the meeting took place between 0900 and 1800. Partners travelled down on the evening before, and returned (mostly via Dublin Airport) on the 13th. A lucky few remained for a couple of days, exploring the beautiful west of Ireland. Astonishingly, there was little rain.

The project is making excellent progress on several fronts. A major highlight is the successful approval of our Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure, the process required to secure regulatory approval for our clinical trial across all the clinical trial sites (in the UK, Ireland and Italy). This success followed Herculean labours by Nadia Rubis, Norberto Perico, and the regulatory team at IRFMN in Bergamo.

Moving forward, there is strong focus on cell production, on local ethical and regulatory approvals, and on planning for the recruitment of our first patients.

Following the meeting, the entire team enjoyed an excellent dinner, hosted by NUI Galway, and a series of musical interludes from talented team members, led by Martino Introna.


Martino at the piano

Martino at the piano

The consortium at Galway